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William W. Kirsch - Artists Open Studios - Sausalito California Artist

Point Reyes Open Studios

The Point Reyes Open Studios Group (PROS) was established in 1997 to promote the work of artists living around Tomales Bay. Realizing the wealth of talent in the communities of Point Reyes Station, Inverness Park, Inverness, Olema and Marshall, the group's founders sought to bring local artists together to form a group with an identity distinct from artists living in the rest of Marin County. A key aspect of PROS identity is stated in their vision statement, "to act as a resource and support for group members and other artists."

Today PROS has over thirty members including ceramicists, photographers, sculptors in stone and wood, painters, printmakers, fiber artists and artists who work with recycled materials. The group is made up of emerging artists and those who have enjoyed long and successful careers, those who exhibit locally and those whose work is in collections and galleries around the world. While much of the work produced celebrates the natural beauty of the Point Reyes wilderness area, a diversity of styles is represented by the group including representational, figurative, abstract, impressionistic, realistic, functional and fun.

The group's main activities are two open studios per year: one over Thanksgiving weekend and one over Memorial Day weekend. These two events are organized, implemented, publicized, advertised and paid for exclusively by the members of the group. The group receives support from the Point Reyes community. Local merchants and innkeepers display and distribute brochures to area visitors. The area newspaper, the Point Reyes Light, runs a feature article on the group the week of the open studios, and in 2003, the first PROS group show was hosted by Point Reyes Books.

Sausalito Artists Open Studios - The ICB Building and 80 + artists  hosts two annual  events, in which the public is invited to visit their studios, to personally meet them, and to view their wonderful  works of art. These dates normally incur on: The first two weekend in May "Marin Arts Council Open Studios" and the First Weekend in December for the "Winter Open Studios"

Sausalito Artists Open Studios - Art Galleries

Artists in, Sausalito, the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County, Northern California and all of Ca. are talented, diversified and eclectic. 

Unfortunately, many are not chosen to exhibit their art works in "Brick and Mortar Galleries." These real time galleries are depleting. Mainly because of the current economic impact on most if not all business entities. This affords the many collectors an opportunity to visit the many Art Galleries that are within a Artist Studio. The only difference is that to visit these Artists Studio Gallery, you must make an appointment,.

This affords you an opportunity to meet the artist in person at their studio, and view their current inventory of art works. This business method affords both the collector and artist a financial transaction this is beneficial for both


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