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Bill Kirsch has had a private architectural practice in Marin County since 1966.  He has produced over 300 building including residences and small commercial projects in California, Washington and Colorado.  He has had offices in Sausalito, Mill Valley and Point Reyes and currently occupies a floating studio on the canal in San Rafael. 

His practice has been rich and varied including two residences published in Life Magazine; a house in Sunset Magazine, twenty two residences in Japan Interior Design Magazine and he was part of a group show in the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. 

His work has been seen in thirty other magazines, books and newspapers over the years.  He has received awards from Sunset Magazine for a Mill Valley residence; the City of Santa Rosa (Environmental enrichment award) for a commercial/retail project; mini storage Messenger (Facility of the year award) for a Berkeley Self Storage project. 

John Lennon and Yoko Ono occupied a Kirsch designed house in Mill Valley in the summer of 1972 and Lennon described the house as the “windmill house”. 

Kirsch has converted barns into residence, rescued timbers from old wooden highway bridges and turned them into residences and used lumber from San Francisco piers to build houses.   His clients have enjoyed living in buildings that have had a previous life because used material give a softness and mellowness that can’t be found in a building that’s entirely new.  He was designing “green buildings” before they were fashionable. 

An aspect of his design philosophy is attention to the so called “peasant” spaces as opposed to “manor” spaces.  Peasant spaces are open, not highly structured.  Kirsch believes in creating spaces where the patterns of someone’s life can be highly descriptive rather that restricted and thinks that interesting manipulation of materials, spaces, color and light is an adventure for people.  He thinks understanding environment is important for peace, joy and creativity in people’s lives and enjoys helping people compose their environment.

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